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Understanding the Seven Chakras

Posted on October 17, 2016 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (6648)

Holistic healing focuses on the seven chakras of the body, the seven centers of the body through which our energy flows. These chakras are the entry points for healing the mind, body and spirit, and if one or more chakras are blocked or if they are too open, your health can suffer.

Each chakra represents and corresponds to a different location on our bodies and impacts specific emotional and physical issues that we may face. Chakras are positioned throughout our body from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head. MindBodygreen offers an outline of the seven:

Root Chakra

This chakra is located at the base the spine, and represents the feeling of being safely grounded in this life. It can affect our emotional survival, and also deals with day-to-day needs, like issues with money and food.

Sacral Chakra

This chakra is located in the lower abdomen, approximately two inches below the navel and two inches inside. This chakra impacts our sense of well-being, as well as pleasure, intimacy and connections with those around us.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This chakra is located in the upper abdomen. It impacts many of the emotional issues that relate to the self – self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem. This chakra is believed to most affect your sense of confidence and ability to be control of your own life.

Heart Chakra

As its name implies, the heart chakra is located in the center of the chest, just above the heart. As you might guess, this chakra impacts the emotional issues of love, joy and inner peace, and it can affect our ability to love and our present or future loves.

Throat Chakra

This chakra, located in the throat, represents our ability to communicate. Think of it as a chakra of speaking – speaking the truth, your feelings and generally communicating with those around you. Problems with the throat chakra impact issues such as communication and self-expression.

Third Eye Chakra

This chakra is located in the forehead, between the eyes, and is sometimes called the Brow Chakra. It allows us to see things around us while focusing on the big picture. Intuition, imagination and wisdom are all affected by the third eye chakra, along with cognition and decision-making abilities.

Crown Chakra

This chakra, located at the very top of the head, is the highest chakra. It represents the ability to be spiritually connected, and deals with such emotional issues as inner and outer beauty and feeling blissful. It is also believed that we experience our connections to spirituality through the crown chakra.

One of the best ways to focus in on these chakras to improve our well-being is through energy healing therapy. This therapy includes advanced DNA theta healing, reiki energy healing, energy scan readings, emotional freedom techniques. For more information on how these therapies and techniques can help you with healing and self-empowerment, call me today at 902-465-4824 or send me an email to get started.


Soul Retrieval: Why It Happens and How I Can Help

Posted on September 21, 2016 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (3532)

Have you ever felt that a part of you is missing? After a traumatic event, do you feel you have somehow changed and do not know how to move forward? Do you feel depressed and incomplete?

You may be experiencing soul loss. But don’t worry – you can get the pieces of your soul back!

What Is Soul Loss?

A common belief in the spiritual community is that part of the human soul can leave the body when dreaming or to protect itself from a damaging physical or emotional situation. Despite how it may sound, soul loss is a good thing, as it is how we survive some of the most traumatic and deepest pains.

Why Does Soul Loss Happen?

There are many different reasons a soul might leave the body to protect itself. The soul may have been trying to protect itself from an abusive situation, to escape confrontation, to escape the force of an accident prior to the occurrence, or to avoid dealing with grief.

You could also lose your soul if you give a portion of it away to a family member or loved one, or if someone steals a part of your soul from you either innocently or as a form of domination.


If you are experiencing soul loss, you may feel out of control, depressed, incomplete, unable to move forward, and more. Maybe you feel like something is missing from your life, or that a piece of you died during something significant that happened to you.

While sometimes the soul may return on its own, when it does not is when you may choose to seek help.

How Soul Retrieval Helps You Recover

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies suggests soul loss occurs in anyone who has experienced trauma. A technique they suggest for healing soul loss is soul retrieval, in which someone goes searching for that lost portion of the soul and restores it.

During a soul recovery, I will aid you in a search to retrieve any soul pieces that need to come back, and help bring back these pieces, helping you become whole again one piece at a time and allowing the soul’s essence to again refill the person’s body.

In the majority of cases, a healer is needed to perform soul retrieval, and that is where Divine Healing Energy can help. At Divine Healing Energy, I conduct soul retrieval as part of the overall Advanced DNA Theta Healing service, which helps to enhance health, love and joy and to powerfully transform your life.

Don’t go through life feeling lost or incomplete; let me help you become whole once again with soul retrieval services. Learn more or schedule a consultation by calling Divine Energy Healing today at 902-465-4824.



Three Benefits of Morning Meditation

Posted on July 19, 2016 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (6594)

The benefits from meditating regularly are countless – from improved health and mental state, to more attentiveness in your everyday life. At Divine Healing Energy, we believe that adding a bit of meditation to your morning routine can truly change your life. Here are just three of the benefits of morning meditation routine that The Huffington Post recently discussed.

Promote a Routine

Sure, you already have a routine in place for your morning. You get up, shower, have a coffee and get ready for the day. Adding some meditation to your schedule in the morning – even as little as five minutes – can help you start the day off right. Meditation in the morning will help you wake up fully from a long night’s sleep, will center you for the day ahead, and help you strongly and calmly set about your daily tasks. You’ll be more mindful of your time, as well, so you won’t have to feel rushed once you plan out your morning to start with a few minutes of meditative thought.

Prevent Insomnia

Studies have suggested that meditation can help to combat insomnia. Settling the mind in the morning before starting the day can lead to a more productive and less worried mind. In most cases, people dealing with insomnia have thoughts racing around their brain that prevent them from getting the sleep they need. Meditation will help you deal with your worries, while training your brain on how to have quiet time. That way, when it’s time for bed, you’ll be able to calm your racing thoughts.

Manage Anxiety

Much like the benefits you’ll notice when it comes to insomnia, benefits from meditating can also lead to less anxiety. If you learn to manage the thoughts in your brain by dedicating a period of calm and quiet time each morning, you’ll be able to subdue some of the distracting and worrisome thoughts that could cause anxiety. Plus, training your body to sit still for a designated meditation time will do wonders when it comes to managing your heart rate, which can often become increased as a side effect of major anxiety.

For more information on the many benefits of meditation or to learn more about the full range of services available from Divine Healing Energy, give me a call today at 902-465-4824.


Top Seven Benefits to Feeling Heart Break; How to Embrace the Lessons and Begin the Healing Process!

Posted on May 30, 2016 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (3756)

Top Seven Benefits to Feeling Heartbreak; How to Embrace the Lessons and Begin the Healing Process!

The one thing we are unable to avoid in life is the feeling and experience of being hurt. This hurt may have been caused by a person such as a friend, a family member, a spouse or a partner or a co-worker. This feeling of heartbreak may also be felt through a deep sense or experience of losing someone or something.

Bam the one thing you were absolutely not expecting. A blindside from out of nowhere.

A nauseated sickening feeling in your stomach, a tightening in your throat, a weakening in your knees and for the deepest hurt a physical pain followed by a deep ache right through your heart.

Some questions that start to flood your conscious mind: Where has this come from, what have I done to deserve this, how do I respond (instead of react) and how do I carry on.

What is it that you deserve in life? I am here to tell you that as we are all created equal and as we all deserve the very best in life that in conclusion YOU are deserving of the very best!

This is where your choices in life determine what you invite into your life and some experiences are from others free will choices.

You still get to choose what is best for you and your wellbeing. Some things to consider are: does this action respect my wellbeing and am I being true to myself. Will you feel proud of your actions or will you feel you gave away a piece of yourself which did not make you feel good. Will you say afterwards that I should have said “NO Thank you” or I should have given my opinion as it was worthy of being spoken and I feel I am worthy of being heard – Yes, I have a voice!

Be gentle with yourself and give yourself some time to heal. Some questions, ideas or thoughts you may start to consider are; has this experience come from a free will choice that I have chosen or from a free will choice of the other person?You both may have chosen to follow a path based on what you knew to be true at a particular given time.

Another question to consider is have I been influential in someone else’s choices? Yes similar to a chest board, you choose and then someone else makes a choice. You can try to predict the other person’s move but until they choose, you never truly know. They are following their decision making process and free will. This choice may be based on all the people, places and experiences that have influenced their life or it may be an intuitive choice that they feel is honouring their true self and higher destiny.

Finally how do I carry on? These are the seven areas where you grow and you learn how to move forward.

1) What are your Priorities? The important things in your life right now that need your focus?

2) Compassion deepens for yourself and towards others who may be experiencing similar hurts!

3) Recognition of the importance of developing friendships at a deeper level.

4) Re examine your actions towards others and how you co-create your reality

5) Experiencing vulnerability and surrendering ...letting go of fear of unknown and false sense of control of every outcome

6) Begin to choose with a new knowingness...we make hundreds of choices everyday that affect our outcome!

7) Free will and choice is within every human being and this allows us to be guilt free as we are only able to choose for ourselves and at anytime we have the opportunity to choose the best for ourselves!

The first thing to focus on is self care: walks in nature, Epsom salt baths, pampering at salon or spa, hydration, energy enriched food, breathing and relaxation.


The second thing is to reach out to others; family, friends, healing groups, holistic healers and mentors, counsellors, teachers.


The third thing is to reprioritize, to set new goals and to keep moving forward.


Begin the healing process by including these three things to allow your heart to heal. Our actions and choices shape our reality, our destiny – dharma and our karma – the good you do, comes back to you.


Be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, begin to love yourself and choose to be happy. Finally give thanks for all the beautiful people that you love (including yourself <3), and have loved; and all the people that have loved you <3


Bright Blessings and Love,

Beverly Stickley <3

[email protected]

Tel: 902-471-4062


Where Are You Giving Away Your Power? How it is Not Your Fault. Three Steps to Taking Back Your Power!

Posted on May 30, 2016 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (8070)

Where are You Giving Away Your Power? How it is Not Your Fault.

Three Steps to Taking Back Your Power!

Do you feel that you are constantly giving of your time, your expertise, your energy, and yourself? Are their times when you feel like people take advantage of your good nature? Are their incidences when you feel that you are being shown disrespect by others? Do you feel that you beat yourself up even further, for allowing this disrespect and this crossing of boundaries, to have played out in the first place?


I would like to tell you that you learned and adopted these behaviors and beliefs from a very young age. This programming developed based on how you were treated by influential adults in your life and by you noticing their responses and their behaviors to various circumstances and to life in general. These patterns and beliefs then became your beliefs. The good news is that you are able to unlearn these self limiting beliefs and behaviors and develop new beliefs that will serve you and allow you to grow into a loving, confident and happy person.


Were you taught to play nice, be pleasant and keep everyone happy in order to keep the peace? Maybe you were told you were being selfish for wanting some things in your life or uncooperative for wanting to do something your way!


You probably felt at times that you were different and that you had better go along to get along as you did not want to get punished or give a reason for others to dislike you. A disheartening process of becoming more and more separated from your preferences, your unique style, and your passions with a slow dissolving of your self confidence, a withering of your soul and a disconnection from your true self.


So what is the solution? What steps do you take to start feeling really good about yourself and your choices; to start opening yourself up to receiving; to start discovering your preferred events, activities, and choosing to spend time with people that really energize you and make you excited; and finally to start including more of these things in your life? To begin a new process of learning how to invite these things into your life and letting go of the things that are no longer serving you, taking away your energy and making you feel drained.


Begin by saying thank you! Notice where you are being blessed in life and be in a state of gratitude.

Be open to receiving compliments, gifts, appreciation and support and say “Thank You” to complete the positive energy exchange.

Recognize your positive qualities and your contributions; start to become aware of how much you have to offer to yourself and others. Respect your likes and dislikes and learn to say No Thank you if something, someone or somewhere does not support who you are, where you are in your life and where you are going!


Events, people and circumstances will continue to show up in your life and treat you the way you are treating yourself. Notice and be mindful as these events are your mirror of how you are treating yourself.


The first step to begin taking back your power is to become more aware of your needs and self care and where you are placing yourself on the priority list.


The second step to taking back your power is to begin to set healthy boundaries by saying No Thank you when it does not serve you.


The third step to taking back your power is to become clear on what it is you truly need and becoming open to receiving the support you have asked for and truly desire


Start practicing these three steps to take back your power!


Notice how your energy is increasing, you’re feeling happier and healthier, you are smiling and enjoying life more; and support is showing up as you are becoming clearer and opening yourself up to receiving what it is you truly desire!


Bright Blessings and Love,

Beverly Stickley <3

Beverly A. Stickley - Woman’s Empowerment Coach & Theta Healer Practitioner

E: [email protected] T 902-471-4062

Web: Divine Healing Energy © 2015


Meditation: Great for Both Mind and Body

Posted on May 16, 2016 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (4878)

We’ve all heard the stories about how meditation can be one of the best ways to reduce stress, improve general well-being, and how it can even be a preventative measure against some potential diseases. After all, some groups of monks meditate for more than 10 hours a day and they live happy and content lives. But how do most people view these practices?


While yoga and meditation have both caught on considerably during the past decade or so, it has been hard to find any truly identifiable information that proves the benefits of engaging in these activities. Some recent studies, however, have shown that meditation might not only be good for the mind and brain, but it might also be hugely beneficial for our bodies.


To prove that mindfulness meditation could indeed help the mind and body, a study was conducted with 35 unemployed men and women who were complaining of stress while trying to find employment. According to coverage of the study in The New York Times, researchers knew that to accurately prove that mindfulness meditation was better than other more generic meditation practices, the group was split into two groups. Half of the group underwent a thorough mindfulness meditation program while the other half were brought to a more simplified facility where they were only trained on the basic ideas of focusing on relaxation and distraction from stress instead. Both groups underwent their separate programs for three days.


When the sessions were completed, both groups claimed that they did indeed feel less stressed and worried. However, when researchers performed brain scans, they found that only the mindfulness meditation group showed actual measurable signs of the brain fighting stress.


Four months later, further improvement was shown when blood tests indicated participants in the mindfulness meditation group had lower signs of stress-related markers in their blood. The kicker? Few people from that group were still even practicing the actual meditation. That is how effective it truly was!


There is still much to learn about this process and how to actively perfect it, but the effects speak for themselves. As doctors and psychiatrists continue to determine the practices that are most beneficial to both body and mind, it is clear that meditation is a vital part of ensuring you live a more relaxed and stress-free life.


There are many great paths to a healthier body and mind, and you only need to be open to learning about them to be able to uncover the benefits. At Divine Healing Energy, we can help you improve your health – body, mind and spirit. Check out our site or call us at 902-465-4824 to learn more.




Being Joyful: The Feeling, The Choice, The Blissful Results!

Posted on October 21, 2015 at 12:15 AM

Being joyful is a choice that we can make every morning when we wake up! We have the ability to create our realities and our emotions are part of a mindset that we choose. Changing the thoughts that we allow to play in our heads, trying on new thoughts and different approaches put us in the driver’s seat. Suddenly we are responsible for our emotions, we have control and we can choose how to feel.


On a day when you are feeling down, start to make new choices. Moving from the paradigm of victim to one of creator can be fun. You can dispel your bad mood with a single choice. Try choosing to feel joy. Think about all you have instead of the things that you don’t. Find gratitude in your heart for all the blessings in your life and you will find your joy. Once you experience this feeling of positivity, it will become a way of life you want to follow every day. Resting in your joy is a most blissful and freeing thing. Your focus shifts, the world expands and your new path of thought opens up limitless possibilities for you.


Joy is an inclusive and expansive emotion; it will affect everything from your work to your relationships. It will allow you to find peace in your life, no matter what curves are thrown at you. Your approach to problem solving will change and crises will be met with confidence. Joy says that you are at home within yourself, and what can be better than that?


So, pick up the option to choose for yourself. Let go of being a victim. Allow joy to filter through your day. It may feel a little awkward at first, but the guarantee is that you will get used to the bliss and the freedom that comes with choosing joy.


Conditioning the Self to be Mindful through Observation and Stillness

Posted on October 19, 2015 at 11:30 AM

The term “mindful” is heard in many places nowadays, from books and videos to yoga and meditation classes. But what does it mean? The short answer is that being mindful means being acutely aware – aware of yourself, your emotions and the world around you. Achieving mindfulness is another matter, but it is not difficult.


Many people use sitting meditation as a path to mindfulness. When you are still and silent, focusing only on the breath, a greater awareness of yourself and your environment begin. Allowing thoughts to simply float through your mind with no attachment to them brings you closer to the essence of your being, to the present moment. Observing the sounds around you, but not holding onto them, feeling the air on your skin, knowing how you feel at this very second, all help to bring you to a mindful state. Awareness is key.


Staying mindful throughout your day takes practice. This can be done by seeing, hearing and feeling everything that is occurring in the moment. Take a minute to breathe deeply and exhale slowly. This helps to ground you. Then practice your awareness. What are you doing? Do you have anything in your hands? What sounds and aromas are surrounding you? Listen to all your senses. If you are doing a strenuous task such as working out, how do you feel? Notice all of it. This makes your activity full of meaning and very immediate. You are focused. You are one with whatever you are doing. Your thoughts about the rest of your day or the disagreement you had with a friend yesterday are irrelevant in this moment.


Mindfulness means doing things with deliberateness that you never had before. It gives all you activities, like washing the dishes, importance, meaning and pleasure. It allows you to be totally present and yourself. It is a new paradigm, a new mindset.


Practicing this takes commitment, but it is well worth your effort. As your awareness grows, so does your joy. Being present in the moment and being mindful of your world and yourself in it, is worth its weight in gold. It is freedom and release. It is connecting with the unity of all things. It is understanding your soul’s purpose.


Acupuncture for Runners!

Posted on September 9, 2013 at 9:45 PM
Acupuncture is a well known alternative health therapy that is beneficial for all levels of runners. It
can be used on a routine basis or in training.

The basic concept for acupuncture is to use fine needles on body meridian points to naturally
balance the energy system of the body. This balance allows for health, wellness and muscle 
relaxation which allows the skeletal system to stay in natural allignment.
It supports the Liver, Kidneys and Digestive system which in turn supports the muscles in the
body which is key for athletes.

It is effective in healing running injuries and preventing injuries.  Acupuncture decreases pain and 
inflammation, and increases healing time by 50%. There are also Specific points for IT Band Release
(GB 31-32) and a Point called Runner's Point in calf( Kid-9). It is great for decreasing stress, allows deep 
relaxation and  promotes sleep which in turn creates huge benefits for health, well being and 
runners in training. A successful training program for runners includes great food and hydration
for the body, adequate rest of 7-8hours and routine acupuncture!

Best of luck to Trapline Marathoners on October 13/13! 

Beverly A. Stickley CAc.
Certified Acupuncturist