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Top Seven Benefits to Feeling Heart Break; How to Embrace the Lessons and Begin the Healing Process!

Posted on May 30, 2016 at 2:10 PM

Top Seven Benefits to Feeling Heartbreak; How to Embrace the Lessons and Begin the Healing Process!

The one thing we are unable to avoid in life is the feeling and experience of being hurt. This hurt may have been caused by a person such as a friend, a family member, a spouse or a partner or a co-worker. This feeling of heartbreak may also be felt through a deep sense or experience of losing someone or something.

Bam the one thing you were absolutely not expecting. A blindside from out of nowhere.

A nauseated sickening feeling in your stomach, a tightening in your throat, a weakening in your knees and for the deepest hurt a physical pain followed by a deep ache right through your heart.

Some questions that start to flood your conscious mind: Where has this come from, what have I done to deserve this, how do I respond (instead of react) and how do I carry on.

What is it that you deserve in life? I am here to tell you that as we are all created equal and as we all deserve the very best in life that in conclusion YOU are deserving of the very best!

This is where your choices in life determine what you invite into your life and some experiences are from others free will choices.

You still get to choose what is best for you and your wellbeing. Some things to consider are: does this action respect my wellbeing and am I being true to myself. Will you feel proud of your actions or will you feel you gave away a piece of yourself which did not make you feel good. Will you say afterwards that I should have said “NO Thank you” or I should have given my opinion as it was worthy of being spoken and I feel I am worthy of being heard – Yes, I have a voice!

Be gentle with yourself and give yourself some time to heal. Some questions, ideas or thoughts you may start to consider are; has this experience come from a free will choice that I have chosen or from a free will choice of the other person?You both may have chosen to follow a path based on what you knew to be true at a particular given time.

Another question to consider is have I been influential in someone else’s choices? Yes similar to a chest board, you choose and then someone else makes a choice. You can try to predict the other person’s move but until they choose, you never truly know. They are following their decision making process and free will. This choice may be based on all the people, places and experiences that have influenced their life or it may be an intuitive choice that they feel is honouring their true self and higher destiny.

Finally how do I carry on? These are the seven areas where you grow and you learn how to move forward.

1) What are your Priorities? The important things in your life right now that need your focus?

2) Compassion deepens for yourself and towards others who may be experiencing similar hurts!

3) Recognition of the importance of developing friendships at a deeper level.

4) Re examine your actions towards others and how you co-create your reality

5) Experiencing vulnerability and surrendering ...letting go of fear of unknown and false sense of control of every outcome

6) Begin to choose with a new knowingness...we make hundreds of choices everyday that affect our outcome!

7) Free will and choice is within every human being and this allows us to be guilt free as we are only able to choose for ourselves and at anytime we have the opportunity to choose the best for ourselves!

The first thing to focus on is self care: walks in nature, Epsom salt baths, pampering at salon or spa, hydration, energy enriched food, breathing and relaxation.


The second thing is to reach out to others; family, friends, healing groups, holistic healers and mentors, counsellors, teachers.


The third thing is to reprioritize, to set new goals and to keep moving forward.


Begin the healing process by including these three things to allow your heart to heal. Our actions and choices shape our reality, our destiny – dharma and our karma – the good you do, comes back to you.


Be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, begin to love yourself and choose to be happy. Finally give thanks for all the beautiful people that you love (including yourself <3), and have loved; and all the people that have loved you <3


Bright Blessings and Love,

Beverly Stickley <3

[email protected]

Tel: 902-471-4062


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