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"LOVE U" - A 5 Video Theta Healing, Self Empowerment & Self Love Series - 4.5 Hours & Supportive Worksheets - Self Love Boot Camp


This LOVE U Bootcamp has over 4.5 Hours of Personal Teaching Videos, Worksheets, Practical Tips & Exercises and Theta Clearing to Release Blocks that are holding you back from creating the Life and Freedom you are seeking and that you truly deserve! This Energy of Love Bootcamp embraces YOU and brings you on your journey of Theta Healing, Subconscious Belief Clearning and Clearing of Blocks such as Fear of Getting Hurt; Fear of Speaking Your Truth; Feeling Unworthy of Love and Low Self Confidence; Feeling Guilt; Fear of Failure; Feeling Abandoned and Unworthy of Support.

My Divine Formula to attract love and abundance: If you listen to your intuition to guide you in life, open up your heart to let the love in that surrounds you, start showing the world your unique talents &gifts and begin living your passions everyday – You will start to notice a world of opportunities and a support system evolving around you. Connect with this expansive universe and begin to co-create a joyous, exciting and bliss filled life of abundance and true love!


By Following This Boot Camp, You will begin to Live a New Life and:

• Create a New Empowered You

• Believe in Your Self Worth

• Grow Healthier, Supportive Relationships

• Embrace Living & Loving a Passionate Life

• Expand Your Career Success

To Each of You on Your "Love U" Journey, I Support you Whole Heartedly!

Love & Sparkles,



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