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Acupuncture for Runners!

Acupuncture is a well known alternative health therapy that is beneficial for all levels of runners. It

can be used on a routine basis or in training.

The basic concept for acupuncture is to use fine needles on body meridian points to naturally

balance the energy system of the body. This balance allows for health, wellness and muscle

relaxation which allows the skeletal system to stay in natural allignment.

It supports the Liver, Kidneys and Digestive system which in turn supports the muscles in the

body which is key for athletes.

It is effective in healing running injuries and preventing injuries. Acupuncture decreases pain and

inflammation, and increases healing time by 50%. There are also Specific points for IT Band Release

(GB 31-32) and a Point called Runner's Point in calf( Kid-9). It is great for decreasing stress, allows deep

relaxation and promotes sleep which in turn creates huge benefits for health, well being and

runners in training. A successful training program for runners includes great food and hydration

for the body, adequate rest of 7-8hours and routine acupuncture!

Best of luck to Trapline Marathoners on October 13/13!


Beverly A. Stickley CAc.

Certified Acupuncturist

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