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Where Are You Giving Away Your Power? How it is Not Your Fault. Three Steps to Taking Back Your Powe

Where are You Giving Away Your Power? How it is Not Your Fault.

Three Steps to Taking Back Your Power!

Do you feel that you are constantly giving of your time, your expertise, your energy, and yourself? Are their times when you feel like people take advantage of your good nature? Are their incidences when you feel that you are being shown disrespect by others? Do you feel that you beat yourself up even further, for allowing this disrespect and this crossing of boundaries, to have played out in the first place?


I would like to tell you that you learned and adopted these behaviors and beliefs from a very young age. This programming developed based on how you were treated by influential adults in your life and by you noticing their responses and their behaviors to various circumstances and to life in general. These patterns and beliefs then became your beliefs. The good news is that you are able to unlearn these self limiting beliefs and behaviors and develop new beliefs that will serve you and allow you to grow into a loving, confident and happy person.


Were you taught to play nice, be pleasant and keep everyone happy in order to keep the peace? Maybe you were told you were being selfish for wanting some things in your life or uncooperative for wanting to do something your way!


You probably felt at times that you were different and that you had better go along to get along as you did not want to get punished or give a reason for others to dislike you. A disheartening process of becoming more and more separated from your preferences, your unique style, and your passions with a slow dissolving of your self confidence, a withering of your soul and a disconnection from your true self.


So what is the solution? What steps do you take to start feeling really good about yourself and your choices; to start opening yourself up to receiving; to start discovering your preferred events, activities, and choosing to spend time with people that really energize you and make you excited; and finally to start including more of these things in your life? To begin a new process of learning how to invite these things into your life and letting go of the things that are no longer serving you, taking away your energy and making you feel drained.


Begin by saying thank you! Notice where you are being blessed in life and be in a state of gratitude.

Be open to receiving compliments, gifts, appreciation and support and say “Thank You” to complete the positive energy exchange.

Recognize your positive qualities and your contributions; start to become aware of how much you have to offer to yourself and others. Respect your likes and dislikes and learn to say No Thank you if something, someone or somewhere does not support who you are, where you are in your life and where you are going!


Events, people and circumstances will continue to show up in your life and treat you the way you are treating yourself. Notice and be mindful as these events are your mirror of how you are treating yourself.


The first step to begin taking back your power is to become more aware of your needs and self care and where you are placing yourself on the priority list.


The second step to taking back your power is to begin to set healthy boundaries by saying No Thank you when it does not serve you.


The third step to taking back your power is to become clear on what it is you truly need and becoming open to receiving the support you have asked for and truly desire


Start practicing these three steps to take back your power!


Notice how your energy is increasing, you’re feeling happier and healthier, you are smiling and enjoying life more; and support is showing up as you are becoming clearer and opening yourself up to receiving what it is you truly desire!


Bright Blessings and Love,

Beverly Stickley <3

Beverly A. Stickley - Woman’s Empowerment Coach & Theta Healer Practitioner

E: T 902-471-4062

Web: Divine Healing Energy © 2015


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