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Energy Healing Services Available - Blessings to You on Your Journey!

At Divine Healing Energy in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the focus is on providing clients with Theta Healing, Self-Empowerment Coaching and EFT tapping therapy.

These intuitive services have developed with Beverly’s passions for spirituality, self-empowerment and self love over the past two decades.

Advanced DNA Theta Healing

  • It is believed in Theta you can create everything and change reality instantly
  • Empower you with the ability to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts with positive and beneficial ones.
  • Enhance Health, Love and Joy, to powerfully transform your life
  • Heal and shift beliefs at a core, genetic, history and soul level
  • Manifestation and Soul Retrieval

Reiki Energy Healing

  • This is a form of noninvasive Energy Balancing for the Body
  • Alternative Health modality that heals at a physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level
  • Use of hands to channel universal energy flow in the body
  • Effective for pain relief, muscle tension, stress and imbalances
  • Contributes to relaxation, grounding and overall sense of well being
  • Healing and Energetic Shifting at a Cellular Level

Energy Scan Readings

  • Understand Core Wounds
  • Discover Blocks, Strengths and Gifts
  • Receive Guidance for Purpose in life
  • Insight about what is happening in Life and why
  • Obtain focus, clarity and action steps
Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT)
  • Referred to as Acupuncture without the needles
  • EFT is effectively used to treat Acute and Chronic Pain, Post Traumatic Stress (PST) and Unhealthy Body and Mind Reactions
  • Tapping on Body Points on head, face and chest to decrease or release pain
  • Tapping on Body Points to decrease or release physical and emotional reactions to your "triggers"
  • I Will Guide You to decrease Intensity and Heal your Body of Pain,Trauma, Anxiety, Sense of Overwhelm, Anger, Fear or phobia and Cravings

Self-Empowerment and Motivational Seminars

  • I will Provide: Guidance/ Inspiration/ Tools/ Accountability for Your Future Success
  • If YOU are Struggling with Relationships/ Self Esteem/ Career Goals/ Health & Finances
  • I Will Guide YOU to IMPROVE all Areas of Your LIFE and Business
  • Through Envisioning / Gaining Clarity/ Goal Setting/ Taking Action Steps/ Persevering
  • I am committed to Supporting, Problem Solving and Standing by You during Your Continued Achievements and Attainment of Your Goals

FEMININE EMPOWERMENT - Individual and Group Seminars

  • Females struggling with Self worth/ Relationships/ Overwhelm/ Speaking out
  • Guide you to Increase your Confidence/ Co- create Healthy Relationships/ Make Conscious Choices & Speak your Truth!

TEEN EMPOWERMENT - Individual and Group Seminars

  • Teens Struggling with Low Self Esteem/ Strained Relationships/ Uncontrolled Anger/ Struggling with Responsibility/Unclear Boundaries
  • I Will Guide You to Feel Your Own Self Worth/ Understand and Cope With Anger/ Have Respectful & Loving Relationships/ Be Responsible For Self, Others & Community/ Set Safe Boundaries!

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